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Kid Rock Cruise - PreParty

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Kid Rock Cruise - PreParty

Kid Rock Cruise - Friday

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Kid Rock Cruise - Friday

Kid Rock - Saturday

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Kid Rock - Saturday

Kid Rock Cruise - Thursday

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Kid Rock Cruise - Thursday

Kid Rock - Sunday

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Kid Rock - Sunday

Guestbook for Kid Rock Cruise Fan Photos
15.margaret aka maryjane(non-registered)
Amazing!! I would like to applaud everyone on the cruise, I mean, when are you ever gonna get 2000 drunk people together again and EVERYONE get along! One of the best times of my life. Next year though I would pledge not to drink so much alcohol so that some of it is not a blur. I would like to give a shout out to all the amazing people I met on the cruise, I am sorry if I called you by the wrong name, over and over again, it was all the alcohol!!! Other than my friend having to be admitted to the hospital once returning home, all in all i would say it was one kick ass good time. Hope to see everyone again next year!!
14.Wilma Sparks(non-registered)
WOW! What an amazing party..I have never met so many awsome people all in one KID ROCK fans...we just cant be beat:). I cant wait to do it again next year, WE ROCK!
13.Mindy and Troy(non-registered)
WOW, what a freakin' blast we had!! Hurry up and get a date scheduled for next years KICK ASS cruise. I postponed brain surgery just so I could go on this AWESOME "Chillin' The Most" party and not be BALD!!~! So hurry up already, I need to be Re-couped so I can be on the next Cruise with y'all!
ATTN:CHARON, add me to your facebook~I was the other "victim" in the hot tub with you! LOL
I would love to hear from you and anyone else that I met!
ATTN: California and Amsterdame~ I forgot your names (imagine that) and I would love to catch up with y'all also!
THANKS A TON to Sixthman, you put on an awesome time for us all! YOU ROCK!!!
Thanks for the great shots!!
What a awesome trip! The people, the bands, the workers, unreal!!!!!
Still keep laughing to myself about everything we did! Til next year.......when
11.jeannie Grissom(non-registered)
I had one of the best times ever! I am sick so I do not know if I will make it back next year! So if I dont you better have a shot of patron for me MOTHERFUCKERS! Thanks to all I met! And for those who didnt meet me I was the one with the big blue balls! I also have pics and videos on fb. So feel free to add me!
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