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Here are your photos with KISS from the boat! You can download the high-res file from the site for FREE as a thank you from KISS, Sixthman and Will Byington Photography. Use the download link at the top of your image. I have also uploaded a Photo Release PDF/JPG for you to print out if you need it to get the photos printed at your local printer. If you are having a hard time finding your photos... check the group before or after yours as sometimes you will find it at the beginning or end of the next or previous group.If you have any questions or comments or just want to say hello... please contact me directly. Thanks to everyone I met this past weekend and for posing for my camera!-Will Byington, Sixthman

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Photo Release - to print your photo!

Guestbook for Photos with the Band
5.Emily Shaw(non-registered)
Had a great time! with the 6 of us, lot of late nights and lot of partying and a whole lot of fun. The only thing we did not like was being told not to take cash on Half moon cave was unable to buy from the locals there, felt bad for them and they had some really nice things to buy.
4.Denise Kiss(non-registered)
OMG quit complaining Mark Pellien sheesh!!! I took a picture with a whole group of people I never met, and I DON'T CARE. True KISS fans are one big family :)
3.Mark Pellien(non-registered)
I had 6 family members waiting in line for a group photo with KISS. (My father, my sister, my wife, my two daughters and myself) That should have been fine according to the picture taking rules of 4-8 guests per photo with KISS. However, one of the STAFF Members in charge decided to force 2 undesirable strangers into our family photo.

I waited nearly 38 years for a photo opportunity with KISS and I really wish I could go back in time and stand my ground with that one STAFF member. That was so wrong what they did to my large family. It all happened so quickly that my family members didn’t even realize it happened until it was too late. L

I hope this didn’t happen to other people with higher expectations.

Tommy, Gene, Paul and Eric were just full of "small chitter chatter". How GREAT it was to meet them for a moment.
2.Jasmin B.(non-registered)
Hey Will,
thanx for keeping this magic moment forever! Sorry for not recognizing you during the shot, I had my "Paul Stanley tunnel view" as we say in german. You might know what I mean..I only saw Paul and no one than Paul in the room;-)
I am very satisfied and happy with our photo!:-) GREAT JOB!!
So happy that all guys look good, friendly and have open eyes;-)))
The only thing I ask myself - we were told to arrange a group of at least 6 people a few minutes before "the moment of our life", although sixthman wrote us in the run of this session the group can start at four people each pic. We were four friends from Germany. Okay, we had luck because a very kind german couple sat right in the line behind no real strangers or undesirably folks. Now I see some photos with four people, some even three. Hm, our wish wasn't considered. Why? It's an unique, once-in-a-lifetime moment, so please understand that we weren't that thrilled with the instruction of 6 from one minute to another...Nevertheless we are more than happy girls and don't wanna miss a thing!!!:-)) Thank U Will, Paul, Gene, Tommy, Eric, the sixthman-crew and my fan-buddies Gabi, Manon, Katja, Birgit & Stefan. You guys rock!!!
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